My Bowl Obsession

Can you name one item possessed by almost every human being on the planet?  Something that bridges all cultural, ethnic, racial and socioeconomic divides? I speak of the humble bowl. Archeologically and historically speaking, the bowl is one of the oldest artifacts...

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In Praise of Cubbies

We sit on chairs and sofas, and sleep in beds….but where do our possessions reside??? I really feel that how we store, display and arrange our stuff is practically an art form, or could be if you give it a little thought. Cubbies (from “cubby holes”) are an easy, classic and attractive way to house our things from books to bathroom essentials to t-shirts. The pleasing square grid pattern is the…

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The Perfection of Imperfection

For the 26 years I maintained my design firm in California, perfection was easy to define and essential to achieve. My clients entrusted me to make sure the reveal (space) between cabinet doors was consistent, that fabric patterns matched on upholstery, that curtains hung 1/8” off the floor…

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