I provide a very personalized service, and this article from the Taos News shares a bit of how I support my clients in the Interior Design process.  At the core of my design practice is the relationship I have with my clients, and the relationship I help them create with their homes.  Everything we do together emanates from this.

In the 1980’s, when I began my business, the focus was on making an impression with our homes, showing off a certain level of success. Conspicuous consumption was commonplace.

We live in a vastly different economic climate now. Besides wanting something very personal and beautiful, home design now is about value, sustainability, durability, and the environment. The conversations I’m having with my clients these days are often about how their existing furnishings will fit into a smaller space, how can we upgrade to something of better quality, and what species of wood is used in that new dining table they’re considering?

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