We sit on chairs and sofas, and sleep in beds….but where do our possessions reside??? I really feel that how we store, display and arrange our stuff is practically an art form, or could be if you give it a little thought.

Cubbies (from “cubby holes”) are an easy, classic and attractive way to house our things, from books to bathroom essentials to t-shirts. The pleasing square grid pattern is the cherry on the cupcake…and each square also frames what’s inside, and makes it look special.

Say what you will about IKEA, they have terrific storage solutions for a great price, and also provide nifty drawer inserts, or lidded wood boxes, to keep things organized but hidden from view. Plus, the mind-numbing assembly directions will keep your brain alert and young!

Shown here is my home office set-up, and yes, these are IKEA cubbies and drawers. I found some cool vintage, mid-century modern pulls from Italy on eBay, and now the drawers look almost custom-made. Inexpensive clip-on utility lamps from the hardware store let me position lighting wherever I want it…I found the little hide shade at a flea market, but almost any lighting store has lots of small shades from which to choose.

As an interior designer, I frequently resort to cubbies for children’s rooms. They provide a sense of order, and support kids in taking pride in having a clean room with all their games, toys and even clothing at their fingertips. Baskets, or even the humble cardboard box, can be used as cubby inserts. I like taking photographs of whatever belongs in each one, printing it out, then attaching it to the front of the container….use a hole- punch and twine or pretty ribbon. Then matching up the thing with the cubby becomes a fun game.

Organizing your home using cubbies for simple interior design in Taos, New MexicoDon’t want to deal with decorative arranging and organizing? Drape an interesting runner or narrow piece of fabric over the front of the cubbies….things are still accessible but not visible.

Check out Pinterest for more fun and practical cubby ideas. You’ll see….it’s interior design cubbieship to be square.