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All of my clients are unique and need support in different ways. If what you need isn’t represented here, give me a call and let’s see how we can work together. I’m based in Northern New Mexico and serve Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Los Alamos, but will consider traveling based on your needs.

Interior Design

You’re ready to paint on a fresh canvas. I’ll work with you to create a completely new and original environment that expresses and inspires the person you are and want to be. This includes a purchasing budget, floor plans indicating furnishings and lighting, floor and wall finishes, furniture selection/design, and installation.

3,500. +

Moving & Relocating

You’re moving into a smaller home and need help with editing your furnishings and possessions before you pack. I’ll collaborate with you on some mindful editing, and then create a master plan which includes a design for your new place. Efficient storage options, art positioning and hanging, and specifying new furnishings might also be included.

2,500. – 5,000.

Estate Liquidation

You’ve recently lost a parent, and you’re faced with the task of dealing with a lifetime ofpossessions. I’ve been there, and in the midst of the grieving process, this job can be overwhelming. I’ll work with you to categorize everything…..what you’ll keep, what goes to other family members, charities, the animal shelter, etc. I’ll also arrange for the sale of anything of value via placement at local consignment shops.

1,000. – 4,000.

Creative Editing

You love your current home, wouldn’t move for the world…..but you’re craving more physical and energetic S P A C E . Less stuff = more space, and I’ll help you decide what to keep and let go of, and support you in making the most of the square footage you have.

500. – 2000.

Home Staging

Planning to sell your home and need support in attracting the perfect buyer? I’ll help you edit your furnishings to create the impression of spaciousness, and provide the right balance of art and accessories that makes your home feel move-in ready. This is also a great opportunity to let go of any furnishings you don’t plan to take with you after the sale, and I’ll facilitate this as well.

1,000. – 4,000.

These estimated costs represent my services only. Furnishings, truck rental and/or delivery services, and any labor (painters, etc.) will be billed separately. I always strive to create a pricing and services package that is within my clients’ comfort zone.

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